About Me

Nita2Hi. I’m Nita.

I have been writing since I was a kid, and as an adult studied English at the graduation level, marketing at post graduation level and later, it was all about journalism. My career started with free-lancing for the Times of India, Deccan Herald, The Telegraph, and The Statesman, both in Bangalore and Kolkata. Later I worked full time for A&M (Advertising & Marketing) Magazine, Economic Times and Business Today.

Creative writing was a part of the brief when I was working with Deccan Herald, and I wrote for the children’s section and several of my short stories for children have been published along with children’s features. I have had scores of “middles” published, including one in Times of India. I have free-lanced for magazines like the Eve’s Weekly and The International Indian, and have also worked full time for a leading Indian newspaper and a leading business magazine.

I wrote a very successful blog (nitawriter.wordpress.com) called “A Wide Angle View of India” for several years, with thousands of pageviews per day. I stopped writing on it some years ago, but recently started another blog on crime (crimeindia.co.in) as I wanted to focus on that subject.

I have just written a novel, and trying to find a publisher. However, self-publishing is the most likely path I will take.

I spend most of my time writing and reading. I am an experienced hand-reader as well (link to my palmistry website), but do not believe that the future can be foretold with any accuracy. In that sense, I am a very different type of hand reader. One day, I will write a book based on my research on hand reading.